09: 360° stakeholder analysis

Development of a tool for the 360° analysis of stakeholder interests and identification of key opinion leaders (KOLs)

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Background situation:

IVO Innenentwicklung AG advises and supports municipalities and cities in the transformation of urban spaces. In order for IVO to meet the interests of as many stakeholders as possible, their needs and requirements are assessed by means of personal interviews and online surveys.

Problem statement:

Your task is to enrich the collected data with interesting external data. This external data can for example be found in local newspaper. By analising the data, the goal is to get as many valuable insights as possible about the stakeholders and to present them in an appealing analysis dashboard. It is also about identifying the key opinion leaders in order to best address this particularly influential group. In addition, it should also be possible to make a statement about whether the local residents are sufficiently represented by the interviewees.

Data sources:

  • Data from online surveys (MS Excel)
  • Transcripts of personal interviews (MS Word)
  • external data sources as required

Possible approaches:

  • NLP: Sentiment-Analysis, Part-of-Speech-Tagging
  • Network analysis, dependency detection
  • Interactive Dashboards


  • Better understanding of stakeholder and community needs
  • Support in opinion forming with a tailor-made communication strategy by identifying KOLs
  • Reputation building and expectation management through insights gained from stakeholder management
  • Efficient and structured approach to data analysis



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