Visualizing (Swiss) privacy labels

Automatically generate privacy labels and use them to generate awareness about the data processing practices of companies

Visualizing (Swiss) privacy labels We have recently proposed a way to automatically compute privacy labels from privacy policies. These privacy labels mimic the appearance of front-of-package nutrition labels (e.g., the well-known NutriScore system) and our objective is to use them to raise awareness of the privacy practices of online services.

To create these labels, clear guidelines and tools (e.g., questionnaires) have been proposed. However, these tools focus on the information requirements that are provided on a European level within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and not necessarily the revised Swiss Data Protection Act. The goals of this challenge are:

Translate the privacy label metric created for the GDPR and to the Swiss context. Potentially, we would propose adaptations for Swiss privacy labels and update our existing tool to enable the generation of these labels.

Implement a program capable of automatically creating privacy labels for Swiss companies, based on our existing tool. This uses companies’ online privacy policies that, in the Swiss case, might need to be translated before automatically computing the labels.

Implement a browser extension that locates a company’s privacy policy on a website, computes a privacy label, and displays this label in the browser window. To find the privacy policy, this might use machine-readable information about the website’s structure or heuristics that are capable of finding the location of the privacy policy (e.g., localized search)

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