Kurtaxen - determine all overnight stays

Determine not registered overnight stays

Summary: Every tourist staying overnight should pay the resort an amount of visitor's tax (Kurtaxen). These will be reported and paid to the municipality by the owner of the holiday house. However, it is very difficult for the council to determine whether all overnight stays have been reported. Using a model, this deviation, if one exists, should be detected and calculated.

Benefits: For the municipality, the monitoring and reporting of its tourists should be simplified. In addition, the distrust in the holiday apartments disappears.

Requirements: A comparison of visitor's tax with the previous year is to be made. For this, as many data sources as possible should be used to evaluate the overnight stays of the community Flumserberg. These should be compared with the paid visitor's tax.

Data: A list with all apartments inclusive number and size of rooms of Flums is provided.

Potential deliverables: A dashboard with the key figures how big the deviation is, possibly which holiday homes are affected. A list of the holiday apartments that are obliged to pay visitor's tax and the number of overnight stays reported vs. the real number of overnight stays.

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