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Challenge Project


We want to improve the conventional emergency systems since we identified several shortcomings.

Some of them are:
1. non-natural way of alarm triggering
2. many false alarms
3. no classification of alarm severity

For those shortcomings, we suggest the following solutions:

  1. use voice or natural gestures as alarm trigger
  2. double check with user whether alarm is real
  3. ask user for severity and urgency of situation

Within this project, step 1 is either carried out with an emergency watch or with a voice command to an Amazon Echo. A typical emergency situation is that a person has fallen and is lying on the floor without being able to move. Two of the natural reactions are to call for help or to hit the floor or any hard surface in order to get the attention of neighbours.

Step 2 and 3 are carried out with an Amazon Echo device that starts a dialog to check whether an alarm is true and which severity it has.

The pitch of the Hackathon project is here (PDF)

Contributed 7 years ago by oleg for Hack for Ageing Well

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