Wo gibts das beste Cordon bleu?

running on localhost

08.05.2021 14:37 ~ samuelhufschmid

New business modell for media (Butterfy)

A first prototype has been developed by the amazing Stefan & Pae!

08.05.2021 09:28 ~ Butterfy

Wo gibts das beste Cordon bleu?

the botpress.com-bot is running, we are struggling with natural language understanding and try to implement an api-call

08.05.2021 07:43 ~ samuelhufschmid

Wie geht Kulturagenda heutzutage?

Working on a concept

08.05.2021 07:40 ~ Laurent

New business modell for media (Butterfy)


08.05.2021 07:39 ~ Butterfy

Source Engine 1.0


08.05.2021 07:39 ~ darienne_hunziker

New business modell for media (Butterfy)

Team split into two groups: developers & conceptualizers

07.05.2021 18:05 ~ Butterfy

Gegen Hatespeech!

We have an initial sample dataset with an agreed upon schema, and are testing a cleaning and pre-processing workflow in Python.

07.05.2021 16:44 ~ loleg

03 – Preiselatizität von Ferienwohnungen

Ergebnisse wurden den Auftraggebern kurz Präsentiert.

29.04.2021 12:57 ~ Stefan

dribs n. pl.: in small amounts, a few at a time (Cambridge English Dictionary)

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