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You are doing some awesome data science here, can't wait to run your Jupyter!

7 months ago

Fantastic work, and thanks for your interest in my presentation on publishing Frictionless Data Packages!

7 months ago

Very cool. Let's talk about some ways to publish your prototype later.

7 months ago

Very compelling work here, can't wait for this to go live! Please link to any SwissID infos for developers, if available.

7 months ago

Posted complete description of the data wrangling process

7 months ago

Data has been extracted from the geoportal, combined and rendered in QGIS.

7 months ago

Adding a simple test page and DB cache

9 months ago

Initial data science notebook and instructions

10 months ago

Challenge accepted!

10 months ago

Hanging around chatting in Wonder .. what else!

10 months ago

We have an initial sample dataset with an agreed upon schema, and are testing a cleaning and pre-processing workflow in Python.

1 year ago