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Be excellent to each other.

Personal log

You are doing some awesome data science here, can't wait to run your Jupyter!

2 months ago

Fantastic work, and thanks for your interest in my presentation on publishing Frictionless Data Packages!

2 months ago

Very cool. Let's talk about some ways to publish your prototype later.

2 months ago

Very compelling work here, can't wait for this to go live! Please link to any SwissID infos for developers, if available.

2 months ago

Posted complete description of the data wrangling process

2 months ago

Data has been extracted from the geoportal, combined and rendered in QGIS.

2 months ago

Adding a simple test page and DB cache

3 months ago

Initial data science notebook and instructions

4 months ago

Challenge accepted!

4 months ago

Hanging around chatting in Wonder .. what else!

4 months ago

We have an initial sample dataset with an agreed upon schema, and are testing a cleaning and pre-processing workflow in Python.

8 months ago