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A payment systems concept for Le Petit Frigo

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A second prototype was developed to investigate the ability to use blockchain-based platforms to provide alternative subscription or payment models for the Le Petit Frigo challenge. See code details below and visit the forum post for background & to leave feedback.

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Le Petit Frigo - Blockchain Demo

This repository contains an experimental Dapp quickly created during the Agricathon 2019 in response to the Le Petit Frigo challenge.

Built with Truffle 4 and eth-vue, it consists of a Vue.js frontend with smart contracts written in Solidity, which can be deployed to an Ethereum blockchain. In development, Ganache, Remix IDE and truffle-cli were used.

Demo: Screencast (YouTube)


After cloning this project locally, install Ganache or set up another blockchain for development purposes.

truffle console --network ganache

With a command like above you can start the Truffle console, then enter

migrate --reset --compile-all

If not using Ganache, you'll want to configure the network URLs in app-users/src/libs/mixinViews.js and truffle-config.js

cd app-users

Enter the app subfolder, where you'll also find a README with additional details. Install the frontend dependencies (see additional info):


Then run it:

yarn run dev

Open your browser and play with the Dapp!


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