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  • What challenge(s) apply to your project?

The running of the Climathon itself. I am one of the organisers, and this is not an official project submission - but still something that was mostly developed at the Climathon.

  • Describe the problem and why we should care in 3-5 sentences.

We need to track the progress of many teams, and bots can do it better than humans. So, we made one.

  • Describe your solution in 3-5 sentences.

This is a bot that connects to participants through Slack and bugs people to improve their conversation through good habits (like taking a walk and drinking water), and provides various tools, like a project and open data search, and a way to easily create documentation about all the teams.

  • Add any screenshots / demo links / photos of the results we should look at.

See the #startnewteam channel, or talk to the @sodabot bot yourself on the Climathon Zurich Slack.

  • Enter any links or datasets that were key to your progress.

Hubot was a basis for this project, data is from Biggest help of all were all the people that tried the bot and gave their feedback at the Climathon!

  • Where did this project stand prior to the Climathon?

A new script was started at the Climathon within an existing framework for bots called Hubot.

  • Why do you think your project is relevant for the City of Zurich?

Zurich should (also) be the center for A.I. innovation!

  • Any other comments about your experience.

Loved every minute. Thanks everyone!

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How can the individual reduction of greenhouse gases for a defined track be measured and reported and how can citizens be motivated to adapt their behaviour due to that collected information?

The idea is to track and report the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of a person due to walking, using public transport or bicycle instead of using a motorised vehicle. Solutions should include measures to motivate people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Useful Links:


This tool can be used as inspiration for the solution.

Data for this challenge has been posted in the #TrackToAdapt channel

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