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Our food choices are responsible for 31% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Making better choices about what we eat have the potential to cut these emissions by half. We have access to data and knowledge (zB. eaternity) on how to eat climate friendly, yet we lack time and discipline to make it part of our daily life; making cooking plans and buying groceries.

Max is a personal foodie bot that does the hard work for you. Feed it with data; take a picture of your reciept or meal, in seconds it analyses and provide you with facts or suggestions on how to eat more climate friendly. Through conversations and reminders, Max makes it easier to change behaviour, and you can save up to 100'000 kg CO2e. Amounting to the same amount of carbon as driving 15.5 times around the globe. Max can do more than help save the climate – as your friend, it learns what food you prefer, if you're on a diet or have allergies. You can ask it anything, anytime – ask it to send you seasonal reciepes every Monday or advice you on how to use your leftovers with a minimum of food waste.

The city of Zurich could partner up with a variety of grocery stores and use their distribution network and channels to promote Max. We would develop a rather unconventional campaign to introduce you to Max. We would aim for a concept thats fun and provocative, targeting people with interest in building healthy habits and do something for the climate. If it goes viral and create VOM it can become mainstream and motivate other people to sign up.

"Our why-statement: We analyse people’s food and change their behaviour, so Zurich becomes the #1 in consuming climate friendly food."

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How can citizens and households of Zurich be encouraged to buy and eat more climate-friendly food (less CO2 emissions) and to reduce food-waste?

Solutions should focus on the following:

  • Making use of existing product information about food so citizens can reduce carbon footprint when shopping
  • Avoiding food-waste in the households due to easy to use solutions

Questions about this challenge can be posted in the #FoodForClimate channel

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