If you care about food, no matter if it’s due to ecological, health, social or gourmet reasons, this is the place to be!

At the «Open Food Data Hackdays» diverse food-interested actors, including big data specialists, software engineers, nutrition experts, farmers, app designers, students and entrepreneurs, are united. This potential is combined with publicly available data on the production, movement, consumption and impact of food, in order to enable groundbreaking projects.

Please visit food.opendata.ch for more information.

Data resources

In addition to the datasets provided by the challenges above, there is a collection of community-maintained data packages for use at the Hackdays. At the Hackdays, you are free to use these, your own, or other data - just remember to always properly attribute your sources and respect each license. Be aware of the Terms of Use before you dig in. Your experience and support will help us to open more data according to the Open Definition and open licenses! Find out how to publish your own open data at schoolofdata.ch, and reach out to the organisers if you have any questions.

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