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SHARPER is the next step of the SHARP tool of the FAO

SHARPER>> is the next step of Self-evaluation and Holistic Assessment of climate Resilience of farmers and Pastoralists(SHARP), the tool developed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Through the data collected by the FAO with Sharp, Sharper will provide you with a selection of analyzed data points.

Starting point: FAO had developed a macro to provide resilience scores to each farm according to 54 markers. From this macro, general statistics were provided for each dataset.

Project: Get key insights from the general dataset and provide the next step for the tool that would provide value to the farmers who spend 4-5 hours completing the survey and wait between 3-6months for their data to be analyzed and recommendations to be provided.

Team Members: - Florian Bienefelt - Vincent Lee - Lorena Edejer


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