Smart Redistribution Against Foodwaste

I am fond believer that by organizing food redistribution in cities more smartly, food waste could be reduced markedly.

Problem statement

Too much food is wasted in supermarkets and food stores all over the developed world. At the same time, many non-profit organizations, schools, private consumers etc. in the cities could use this food.

Aspects of the problem

  • Low prediction quality for forecasting which food is going to be sold
  • Lack of data warehousing in supermarkets to track food that is going to spoil
  • Lack of contacts between food producers & consumers
  • Lack of systematic ways to store the needs of consumers

Solution approach

  1. Improved data warehousing for food getting available from suppliers
  2. Platform for consumers to sign up and track their needs
  3. A matching system for supply and demand

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