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Open Food Data Hackdays Demo

Food Theory

Improve Food Habits


Build database on local farmers & open this information to consumers to foster local food choices (Canton de Vaud).


Pre-portioned meal-kits in Lausanne area


Restaurant Managers don't know how many guests are coming next week. We solved this and other demand related problems.


SHARPER is the next step of the SHARP tool of the FAO

Snaq on Eschernode

Estimate food portion size, nutritional value, contents automatically

Swiss Nutriscore

A nutritional score of barcoded food items in Switzerland

Total Recall

How Food Traceability helps effective recall handling


10 Too Sweet

(Spontaneous challenge presented on stage). Get nutritional facts in the open food database. When you buy a product, you get information about how much sugar content is in your food over the course of the week.

1 Sustainable Living Lab

3 Ambrosus

Please contact us through

4 SwissDecode

Digital Detection of Milk Fraud

6 Agridea

Foster local sourcing

7 Meal-Good

Offering meal-kits in Lausanne from local residual production, to tackle food-waste and increase healthy eating habits.


Climate resilience self-assessment


Food tracking technology for health and medical application

A Yummy Game

The same weekend as the Open Food Hackdays in Lausanne is the Global Game Jam 2018. There are four Swiss locations participating and a big online community of people building games, sharing tips, tricks, content and code. You can learn more about...

Healthy Track

A scanning app providing relevant information on how healthy this product is for me.

Prognolite challenge

Help Restaurants to Save Resources

Smart Redistribution Against Foodwaste

I am fond believer that by organizing food redistribution in cities more smartly, food waste could be reduced markedly.