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7 Meal-Good

Offering meal-kits in Lausanne from local residual production, to tackle food-waste and increase healthy eating habits.

We are Meal-Good initiative and we want to have an impact on food waste (mainly producer and consumer side) through personally-sized pre-portioned meal kits from local residual production, delivered with 100% reusable packaging with bikes. Our main customers are Great Lausanne population with healthy eating habits, like eating local and/or would like to reduce household waste.

Meals are locally sourced from residual produce. We provide the consumer with honest information about the provenance, clear nutritional values and easy preparation instructions for a fun and healthy meal. An instant feedback from the customer regarding the meal in general and the portion size reduces household waste while at the same time keeping the customers happiness and health central. By using meal-kits, we bypass all the intermediaries, where we connect local farmers to consumers in a sustainable way. We will deliver our meal kits in 100% reusable containers. These are modular and designed to be re-washable which will have a smaller impact on the environment than even recyclable packaging and which will be produced in Switzerland. Delivery to customers is done using bikes and e-bikes, which reduces the energy consumption of producing those kits.

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