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Aggregating data to search the sustainability of offered real estate

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We created a minimal API that aggregates data from GeoAdmin (Swisstopo) and PVGIS (EU) to calculate a score for any building property which is in the Open Data sources. Plans to build on this and add crowdsourcing capabilites have been discussed.

Please note: At the moment, the calculation of PV production does not work properly. But the rough procedure as well as the API-queries are correct. We have to change little things and we will update as soon as possible.


Next steps

(1) Complete basic functionality of the prototype

(2) Build on the (Falcon based) Web API

(3) Make further improvements to the data model


How sustainable is this property?

  • The building sector still has huge impact on climate change, altough co2-reduction is relatively easy (and cheap) to reach.
  • When choosing the next property (rental or buying), the environment plays a role that is too small. As a result, investors are less interested in green solutions. One reason why ecological aspects are not taken into account in the selection is that no (or not enough) information is available for home-seekers.
  • let's provide this information!
  • "collect and combine" public information of offered real estate (heating system and - if time remains - photovoltaics, building standard, access to green mobility ...). Provide this information for real estate marketplaces.

Open Habitation API

This is a project started at the Energy Data Hackdays 2021. Please see our project page for background and have fun.


This repository contains a minimal backend service API based on the Falcon framework, Pandas DataPackage Reader, and the Falcon plugin for apispec.

Use pip with requirements.txt or install the Poetry dependency manager, and:

poetry install
poetry shell
python api.py

To update the requirements file:

poetry export --without-hashes -f requirements.txt > requirements.txt


This package is licensed by its maintainers under the MIT License.

If you intended to use these data in a public or commercial product, please check the data sources themselves for any specific restrictions.

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We provide following information for all swiss buildings: - space heating system - warmwater system - photovoltaic plants - estimated space heating energy demand - estimated warmwater energy demand

11.09.2022 18:22 ~ EcoHabitas

OpenHabitation is available on: www.openhabitation.org

we moved our github repository to: https://github.com/OpenHabitation/api-v0

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Adding a simple test page and DB cache

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Added basic static index

Form body request

Fixes and more bugs :)

Added requirements

calculate yearly production (@jonas.fuerstenberger@posteo.de)

calculate yearly production

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25.09.2021 09:33 ~ loleg

Initial API :gear:

Requirements Engineering, Selections of Tools and Data to use

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