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Challenge Project

Sex and Crime

und Kneippenschlägereien in Early Modern Zurich



Make the data ("Stillstandsprotokolle des 17. Jahrhunderts") better searchable and georeference it for visualization.


Data sources:

Steps taken


  • Done: Wordlist and Frequencies

  • ToDo: POS tagging

Named Entities

  • Names of persons: done A-D

  • Names of places: done A-K




(using fasttext)

Frequency list of Word-Cluster


GIS Visualization


  • Done: Borders from swisstopo via Linked Data, Matching of the settlements of the canton of Zurich

  • ToDo: Get List of old names of this settlements, match them and show all relating documents of a settlement (or municipality)

Contributed 5 years ago by oleg for #GLAMhack 2018

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