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From Farm to Fork

Designing an improved approach to better connect food entrepreneurs with farmers.

The disconnection between Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs (i.e. micro-brands, restaurants..) is a growing pain faced by both sides that causes missed opportunities, wasted produce and financial losses.

On one hand, farmers are producing what they’re familiar with and what is commonly known to be the highest in demand and price. Yet when it comes to selling, competitive prices dominate the market and farmers can end up with devastating losses after a long season of hard work.

On the other side, Food entrepreneurs are having to find alternative produce to feed their ever growing consumer demands - hemp, hops, khale, all being some of the most popular recent examples. Though finding, connecting and persuading farmers to produce these produce is an uphill battle.

The farm to fork approach should be better designed to help both farmers and food entrepreneurs work together over a shared mission. Demand & Supply for agricultural products should be clearer in order to provide both sides with a mutual benefit. Food entrepreneurs should have a better knowledge of the local market supply to take informed decisions on their product development. Farmers should be informed of the new trends and entrepreneurs needs and have the opportunity to adapt their production and diversify their clientele..

Challenge: Develop a conceptual idea that allows food entrepreneurs and farmers to better connect, assess demand & supply and plan harvesting . Smart apps, urban farms, social networking and other techniques are the modern methods for connecting people in different locations, fields of work and social classes.

supply & demand, foodpreneurs, farmers, food, innovation, networking, food trends, harvest

Contributed 5 years ago by FoodHack for Agricathon 2019


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