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Digital Arbokost

Farmers need tools to help them managing their land's information.



There are a few management tools currently on the market that are used in Valais by fruit growers. The most commonly used is Agroplus, which makes it possible to manage all the plots in terms of phytosanitary applications, fertilisation, land and crop management. This tool is quite functional but unfortunately does not include all the data in order to be able to output the profitability of each plot. In particular, there is a lack of labour costs, the yields of each plot,... therefore very often producers use Agroplus and also keep separately: a global logbook for staff hours, a logbook for plot yields.... It would be interesting to be able to group all these functionalities on a single application where everyone can enter the different variables in order to obtain more easily the profitability of the different plots.

The federal agricultural research stations had created an Excel sheet more or less along these lines a few years ago under the name of Arbokost. It is an interesting program but it was never finalized so not very practical for daily use.

It is clear that we must spend more and more time on administration and it would be interesting to have a complete tool that is easily accessible via natel or tablet in order to optimize the entry of the various data.



Proposed by: Jean-Noël DEVENES

Contributed 5 years ago by AlexandreCotting for Agricathon 2019


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