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So Nice Pasture !

An adding value for the mountain agriculture thanks to multimedia tools

The only way to maintain our wonderful alpine landscapes is to promote sustainable farming, meaning the grazing of cows on alpines pastures and the milk transformation to typical alpine cheeses or other milk products. In that way Raclette is one of the most famous ambassadors for the cultural and the culinary heritage of Valais.

The current challenge is to raise the consumers awareness and education regarding the present alpine pasture management and the production of Raclette. For this purpose multimedia tools such as video, enhanced reality, dynamic websites are to be explored and used or developed. The key idea is to connect heritage and modernity on one hand, and didactic aspects and marketing on the other one.

The product to develop for this challenge will include : - the description of the message to be delivered in a mobile production laboratory (production processes : modern but respectful of the tradition); - the choice of attractive tools for families and tourists, taking into account the development costs ; - the writing of a base script or scenario; - the design of a scale-model.

Contributed 5 years ago by NicolayL for Agricathon 2019


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