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Challenge Project

Dashboard Concept for GastroSuisse

From Paper to Interactive Data


Year by year, GastroSuisse is publishing new data of the hotel and restaurant industry in a print edition. GastroSuisse is going to publish some of these data on its website. The association needs proposals how to structure and depict the data, and how to make them interactive for the member of GastroSuisse. The member should be able to compare its company with some benchmarks.

GastroSuisse has no online solution today. It is planned to integrate something like a dashboard into the existing GastroSuisse website. On the website of Gastro Suisse a closed area for members and an open area for everyone shall be created. In the closed area members should be able to make comparisons (focus benchmarking). The challenge is mainly about ideas on how to build a dashboard: focus on design, functions and structure, as well as optimal customer guidance.

The target group of the Streamline Publication Concept are members of GastroSuisse (hotels & restaurants). Member surveys offer information and data about turnover, cost structure, success according to turnover size, rental costs, cost of goods, annual wage total, etc. which can be used for the Streamline Publication Concept. Gastro Suisse has never gone deeper than the cantonal level due to the anonymity of members. Cantonal and national benchmarks should be possible within the online solution.

There are no limits to your imagination and creativity when meeting the challenge and designing a website, dashboard. The existing print solution should not be used as a template for the online solution/dashboard. The hack teams should be completely free to develop their own ideas.

By Vimal Vignarajah


Peter Janes, Riza Mizrak, Christophe Nickel, Edward Parrales

Envisaged Deliverables

  • Dashboard Proof of Concept - embedded in web site
  • Project Proposal - options, cost, plan

Mock-up of envisaged target solution

Integration into existing Gastro Suisse website

Target solution mock-up

Potential Platform / Tools

To be assessed and evaluated

Requirements - Interaction

  • Filtering (by Kanton, sector, etc.)
  • Personalization > requires member profiles
  • Benchmarking - comparison with peers > requires highlighting of own categories
  • Trends - development over time > requires time series
  • Member profile data - equivalent to survey data


Microsoft PowerBI Implementation

Interactive Dashboard - click on Kanton bars and see how the rest of the dashboard updates (data source: HESTA)

Prototype screen PoserBI

Google Data Studio Implementation

Dashboard Prototype - single selection; data can be used directly (data source: Gastro Suisse survey, question 1)

Prototype screen Data Studio

Dashboard Prototype (Google Data Studio implementation) - multiple selection; data is "normalised" for better representation (data source: Gastro Suisse survey, question 3)

Prototype screen Data Studio

Tableau Implementation

Dashboard prototype; no interaction available due to license restrictions

Prototype screen Tableau

Proof of Concept (PoC)

This is how the Gastro Suisse interactive dashboard could like like as part of the interactive website (Microsoft PowerBI implementation).

Member access (closed user group) for additional functionality: user "gastrosuisse_admin", password "gastrosuisse"

Website PoC screen

Project Proposal

Presentation - for the management of our challenge "sponsor" Vimal Vignarajah

Project approach

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