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01 - EcoBooster Innovation Tool

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The EcoBooster aims to activate the collective intelligence and creativity of the employees in order to sustainably develop a company through internal innovation. The game format should enable new forms of cooperation.
This gamified innovation management tool for companies will help harnessing ideas within the company, foster collaborative aspects and make processes & planning visible. Through a idea description and development process, the different aspects of the suggested project are collaboratively analysed, developed and evaluated.

One big potential of the tool for companies with complex processes is the geolocalization of issues to be solved as well as of the ideas and suggestions.

The tool is now in a conceptual prototype phase, how can we make sure that the interface supports the processes in the best possible manner?


  • Utilities administrate many different infrastructures in different locations: modelling the area of impact of this utility to localize ideas.
  • Ameliorate the design of the graphic interface of the tool, in order to best identify the new ideas as well as facilitate the development and collaboration process.

Data & Tools

  • The ecobooster tool
  • A prototypical company facility
Contributed 3 years ago by Maud for Energy & Climate Hack
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