API Standards Guide

Let's build a simple, accessible guide to data sharing standards


(This is a sample challenge for the GovTech Hackathon)


DCAT vs OData, REST vs RDF, Frictionless Data vs GraphQL? Developers and data publishers have a hard time making sense of the Babel's Tower of standards when it comes to metadata exchange and, after decades of evolution and competition - API technologies. With experience and hindsight, we know that some standards fit certain use cases more conditions, have various learning curves, and have slightly different conditions of reuse.

An inspiration for this from our colleagues in the Internet of Things area is the BetterIoT Assessment Tool, which helps early stage hardware startups make a strategy:



The idea would be to have a "data standards chooser" for publishers and developers, similar to the helpful License Chooser tool from Creative Commons:

 License Chooser

Or the even simpler choose a license web page from GitHub:



 Revised GEO Data Sharing and Data Management Principles

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