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Awesome Swiss Data Sources

This file presents some of the main repositories of data in Switzerland in a brief overview, that we have tailored for participants of the GovTech Hackathon. Every source listed on this page has an openly accessible API - which may just require registering for an API key - whose machine-readable endpoint we link to directly. Earlier versions of this page can be found at and Check out Awesome Open Government Data Switzerland for a more comprehensive list of Open Government Data (OGD) portals, websites, APIs, tools and other related resources in Switzerland and abroad.

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National portals

Regional portals

In some cases, data from Swiss cantons, municipalities or other geographical regions is being published on, however some have dedicated portals with extra features or support options:

Commercial organisations

Here you can find some well supported data sources, which may offer service-level guarantees on their APIs and other features.

  • Wetter API (API) from Meteotest is a reliable source of weather, climate, and environmental data.

Non-profit hubs

These are associations and community projects that offer APIs on a non-commercial, typically limited-support, basis.

  • (API) aims to provide developers with easy programmatic access to public transport data within Switzerland.
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