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We have been running a permanently installed orienteering course in the city of Brugg since autumn 2017 and made the decision to expand to other locations.



Our aim is to figure out a suitable concept for this particular location. This includes course types and possible ways to expand what we currently have to offer. A test run will be conducted as well to collect feedback from the participants.


Completed guided course throughout the city with visitors and collected feedback / suggestions on how to improve and build upon the existing concept,

2 years ago

A test course is set up according to the installation published at https://github.com/City-OL/sma-reg21.

2 years ago

Implementing an MVP of a touristic mode in our app. This includes displaying relevant content at each orienteering control such as a brief description and an image.

2 years ago

Certificate icon by Gregor Cresnar - CC BY 3.0