Individualized travel guide

Create a prototype of an individual travel guide

Detailled problem description:
The timetables for the Bodenseeschifffahrt (Lake Constance navigation) are not coordinated. This poses the following painpoints:
- long waiting times for guests
- Laborious manual coordination of timetables by the tourimus office staff and guests

Detailled Customer Requirements:
- best possible/most eventful, most beautiful route is calculated
- quick and easy customer advice
- optionally increase sales

Potential Key Deliverables:
Individualized travel guide

Out of Scope:
Adaptation of timetables

Potential Challenge:
Customizable travel guide: Create an itinerary so that there is no waiting time or the waiting time can be combined with visiting nearby attractions. In a first step, the prototype must be developed for use by the tourismus office staff. In the medium to long term, Thurgau-Bodenseetourismus would like to make an individualised travel guide available to its guests as a self-service offer.

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