Can you imagine ways to improve public transport in your city? Do you know or wish to learn how to wrangle, analyse, visualize or communicate with data? Join our upcoming hackathon in Z├╝rich, meet people from the open data community on occasion of Open Data Day - and make an impact together on all the ways we get around!

The following project ideas were submitted via GitHub:

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The event will include time for hacking but we will also invite some speakers for talks. Food and drinks will be provided. All you have to bring is your laptop.

You do not need to be a data science superhero yet. It is completely fine if you have basic skills in one of the following:

  • Combining and cleaning data sets
  • Creating graphs and visualisations
  • Creating statistics or models
  • Creating slides, documents, websites or anything else to communicate the results

For analyses you can use any open data you like. VBZ provides transport delay and passenger count data via the Zurich Open Data Portal. The goal is it to use open source software (such as R) to get interesting new insights and share them with the world.

Hackathon teams may also find our Translations of attributes and Download scripts to be useful.

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