GreenLight vereinfacht mittels KI und einer einfachen und übersichtlichen Website die Projektanalyse bezüglich Nachhaltigkeit von Projekten.

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PDF Sustainibility Analyzer for Projects

Team Members

  • Nathalie Kern
  • Maria Näf
  • Sophie Maier


To improve the projectmanagement method regarding sustainability, the projectteam created a PDF analyzer with a Chat GPT API. image image


Following must be installed on your system:

  • Python
  • Git


Here's how you can set up your development environment:

# Clone the repository
git clone

# Navigate to the project directory
cd Open-Data-Hack-2023

# Create a Python virtual environment in the 'venv' directory
py -m venv venv

# Activate the virtual environment (use the correct command for your operating system)
venv\Scripts\activate # For Windows in Git Bash
# or
source venv/bin/activate # For Unix or Linux systems

# Install the project dependencies from 'requirements.txt'
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Create a API key from chat gpt on their website and replace "YOUR KEY" with your key. After that, create a '.env' file in the 'OpenDataHack2023' directory with the following content
echo OPENAI_API_KEY="YOUR KEY" >> .env

# Run the local development server or script (specify the script if it's not '')
streamlit run
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