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Connecting the physical space with the information space


Connecting the physical space with the information space

The situation

Today's tourists arent tourists they a webizens pilgrimaging and exploring the physical world.

Technological landscape

The Web is evolving from a web of documents to a web of data capable of giving in depth information based on individual interests, preferences and background. Geo-location and broadband are available almost erverywehre but inside buildings and with limited roaming capabilities alternatives to geo-fencing and online access are a big plus, that's why our demo app pre-fetches a subgraph of the data and use Bluetooth Beacons to locate places.

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Technology can be used to /annotate/ they physical space and link it to the Web of Data. Smart Arosa Provide Tourist Information with the help of Beacon Technology. Beacons are small devices, which when nearby with a smartphone, provide Tourist Info with the help of Wifi Technology.

Advantages for Providers

  • Tourists stay longer
  • Tourists learn about and visit more places
  • More equally ditributed stream of visitors

    Advantages for Tourists

  • They aren't tourists: they discover on their own

  • They can see through walls: thy can take see what other places there are behind the wall of the museum they're visiting

  • They avoid they queue buy having real-time data on which ski lift there's not a lot of people

Data used

  • A small subset of wikidata
  • Transport data ("Where do I go next?")

Data missed

  • Real time data on usage of facilities
  • Geotagged pictures
  • More informtaion about monuments/places


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