Food on Record

We help nutritionists provide faster and better advice to patients.

Diana is one of many nutritionists in Switzerland helping people to loose weight, increase fitness and improve health through individual meal plans and continuous feedback. Her main channel of communication with her patients is WhatsApp. By analyzing her messaging history and conducting interviews, we realized that important information is spread across different channels, redundant and unorganized.

To increase the efficiency of Diana and raise the quality of her work, we propose an online system to collect and share information between nutritionist and patient. The key features of the system revolve around communication between patient and nutritionist and organizing all information for each client in a cohesive and accessible way. We build automation for tasks that are not emotionally charged like scheduling appointments, classifying products for allergies/intolerances in order for Diana to focus on the personal interaction and communication with the patient during hard times.

In the future we can use the information collected between nutritionist and patient, combine it with open data available for food and products and further increase the information flow between nutritionist and patient and improve the general quality of information in this space.

Prototype & description

Next Steps
We will test the prototype together with the Food on Record Network and their patients next. Once we have additional research data and at least 10 individual nutritionists on board providing financial support we will proceed to build the first version of the platform.

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