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Collaborative Local Learning & Sharing Community for Gardeners


We are in 2018. If we want to speak about food, we can say that people are actually interested to eat local. People want to learn how to grow their own food. It’s hard to know what grows better according to each location. The development of plants depends a lot on where you live.

If you want to learn about gardening online, you will swim in a ocean of tips. You will face several difficulties to find the right information.

Others problems :
- Interactions between neighbours are infrequent.
- No way to know native seeds
- Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden


- Show different plants and present its properties
- Create a solution to demonstrate which plant would be fit in a specific region
- Give the possibility to learn something about different seeds
- Develop a platform to connect landowners and land applicants
- Allow farmers to provide agricultural training in the field

Solution developed

We used Visual Studio to create a ASP.NET Project. According to this we used c# to create this application. Our application is web-based and because of our responsive design it is also usable by tablet, smartphones computer and laptops.
Before began to develop we modelled and discussed the way we want to go through this day and how the software should look like. This takes a lot of time.
Afterwards we split up different use-cases to the developers in our team. During the development they merged the solution. To be faster we used an existing self-made template from our last project in the school.
The first use-cases we developed was the PlantBook and its region-filter. Parallel to this we create the register and login part and developed the garden-sharing feature. Afterwards we created some improvements. The last point of our development process was implementing and creating a design.

Source code :


Delaloye Matthieu Project leader
Duc Elisa Economist
Lugon Aurélie Econmist
Marty Danilo Developer
Fux Mathis Developer

Mixed with these 2 challenges : Growing and maintaing old varieties together & Gardening Knowledge Map


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