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Biel Seeland Touristic Product Package

The region of Biel-Seeland is well known for different food-specialities like wine, asparagus, fish, vegetables (main producing area for Switzerland) etc.

There are a lot of innovative players, who make cool products like „schnaps“, liquors or even saffron production.

A product manager for developping new products has the target, to create an attractive product around this large offer of different products. Several questionnaires were sent (farmers) and different talks and meetings were organized (sugar production company, wine companies etc.). The big challange about this interesting potential now is, to put all these elements into an attractive package, that creates a big added value and of course touristic turnover for the region.

The main questions are :
- What could be an interesting « topic“/title to cover a large and interesting range of products together ?
- How could a package be made (guided tour, individual tours, events etc.) ?
- How can the basis (producers) be motivated to start a cooperation with the tourist office ?
- What could be an attractive content of a 2 days-package for potential clients (for example 50+) and also for medias ?
- Which are the basic steps to bring this heterogene offer together ?

Challenge proposed by Oliver von Allmen, Direktor/Directeur, Tourismus Biel Seeland


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