Periodic aggregation of electricity system data

This project is about using the web scraping platform to periodically download, clean up and aggregate data about the European electricity system. At the moment, we focus on time series data about renewables in-feed and electricity demand.

Scripts to download and process data about the electricity system are already available from a platform called Open Power System Data ( The project aggregates and processes data about the European electricity system and publishes these as clean CSV files. The platform is still in beta and about to launch publically in autumn 2016. It has published its data processing scripts already on Github (, which is what we are using as a base for the scraper we are developing in this project.

The scraper (work in progress):



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Energy of Production

Electricity and other power sources are central to the economic and political landscape of energy. We need to know where the energy comes from, even if it's the sun blazing on our own solar panels - and for that, we need open energy data. Connected with open data from other areas, like environmental and economic data, we have a real chance to impact the future of sustainable energy. This is a relatively unexplored area so far in the Swiss open data community, though several research projects have aggregated these kinds of datasets.