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Project Challenge:

Build on the existing services and data provided by SBB, to simplify the travel experience of the elderly.

SBB open data portal: It provides access to SBB train timings, refreshments and other ammenities on train stations, and a lot more.

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The Problem:

Train Travel can be overwhelming for the elderly.
Keeping track of connecting train numbers, correct boarding platforms, transfer times, etc can lead to confusion, sometimes resulting in unfortunate situations.

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Technological Fears.
General resistance towards using phone applications, sometimes even smartphones, reduces the possibilities of using new technological solutions to address this problem.

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Framework Definition

Our focus:
How do you simplify SBB train schedule information such that, the elderly have a clear understanding and therefore, a frictionless journey from home to destination?


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  • Independence
  • Convenience
  • Personalized


Travel Angels is an SMS based, intelligent travel assistant, that provides personalized guidance to the elderly through every stage of their SBB journey, from home till destination.


Initial Vision
  • SBB could provide a yearly chat-bot subscription for people who would like constant assistance during their train journeys. - Subscribed members would receive SMS guidance with regards to their train timings, platform numbers, connecting train details, refreshment and other station amenities, and also assistance in stressful situations like boarding wrong trains and reaching unintended locations.
  • The idea was to develop a friendly and approachable AI driven assistant, that responds to natural language of the user, thereby making the user experience extremely intuitive and comfortable considering the target user group
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The Prototype
Tech Specs



SBB Database


Graham Tritt, Ahmed Alhammadi, Almerey Karwan, Abrar Burk

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Ready to travel

Create the most useful public transport timetable application to include all relevant information - for instance, in consideration of reduced mobility - for retired people who enjoy travel. The standard timetable may not fit all of their specific requirements. Meanwhile, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have provided many datasets on their new Open Data platform which could be of help.

For example: the regular timetables are not perfectly suited for people who cannot quickly change trains. With advanced search options, special change-times could be applied. The timetable does not know if there is a coffee shop nearby to wait at, or if there is a rooftop on the platform.

We provide Information about the timetable on or - if you would like to implement your own routing algorithm. If you would like to use a preexisting algorithm, then look at

On the SBB Data Portal the following information is provided:

A take-home prize from the SBB will be awarded to the team that makes the most exemplary use of open public transportation data.

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