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Foodprint scores #9

Develop a project to help & motivate individuals to reduce their food foodprint.

With 30% of damage to the environment generated in Switzerland by food, consumers have a crucial role to play. Whether in terms of CO2 emissions, pollution, impact on climate and biodiversity, waste or even working conditions and food safety, the choices made each day by all of us in relation to food have major consequences.

Still, it's very difficult for individuals to know, what food they are supposed to consume as well as to motivate themselves to stick to the rules they know. That's why I'd love to see a project that makes it easier for individuals to access information and to change their behavior.

Here are a few inspirational links that will hopefully help the team to gather data and develop an impactful project: http://clever-konsumieren.ch/infos-tipps/links/.

By the way, according to Beelong (http://beelong.ch) the main challenges in reducing our food foodprint are: 1) Accessing information: consumers and professionals from the food industry lack access to adapted on field solutions and alternatives. Ideals are often too far from reality. 2) Traceability: a simple information such as the food origin (country of production of the raw material) is often not communicated or not accessible to the end consumer, particularly for processed products of all kind, imported cheeses (no, the milk for the mozzarella might not be Italian even though it is made in Italia), etc. With no true information available, how can we we make better choices? 3) Consumption habits: many impacts could be reduced thanks to slightly different eating habits. The problem being that habits of any kind are very difficult to change. Why isn't an important and urgent topic such as food & climate change not teached in schools yet? Neither to children, university students, nor…. professional cooking schools.

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