Challenge Project

Standardized Meal System

Platform for recipes based on DigiMeals

The Problem

Many of the platforms for recipes have the approach to be like an online cookbook or search engine for recipes. They are mostly not structured around the idea to be part of your life or support you technically with your daily decisions.

The Vision

Lucia is eagerly looking for platforms which support her needs to plan her meals and nutrition for a long period of time. A platform which not only considers a single decision, like what is the next meal for today, but help with the questions like

  • what are the meals for the week
  • what is the impact on my diet
  • what are the ingredients I have to shop

and already anticipating some constraints by knowing which cooking tools she has, or ingredients she likes or dislikes.

The Challenge

For that reason we teamed up for challenge #1 from DigiMeals.

We wanted to show in a prototype how to

  • filter the avaibale DigiMeals data
  • to select the meals for a week
  • combine it with nutritional data (from the Siwss Food Composition Database)

and as result be able to get the grocery shopping list and the weekly plan.

In the end we had to compromise with the nutritional data and the simplicity of the prototype but it was workable.

The Participants

Lucia Caiata and Michael Werlitz met at Friday for the first time to tackle this challenge. And we did.

Link to Presentation (via GitHub)

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