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Babel Fish

bring various recipe databases together and seamlessly integrate with V-Zug smart kitchen devices


V-Zug smart cooking devices are digitally advanced and energy efficient, but only work for a limited V-Zug provided recipes. Open Food Data + Smart Kitchen Chanllenge No. 7: Unified Food Platform


Find, filter and Integrate desired recipes from other databases and make them available in V-Zug end user App and usable within the logic of the V-Zug smart kitchen machines.


Enriched Babel ZUG platform was created:

  • contain 188 original V-Zug recipes + 231 recipes of NestlĂ© (+120% in 2 days)
  • each recipe could connect to V-Zug device according to cooking instructions

Created a convincing case study for more open food data:

  • enable cooking experience for end users more enjoyable
  • enable high quality kitchen device manufacturers sell more products
  • ensure food providers who care about quality have larger market share
  • overall positive impact, win-win for all parties involved
  • it is technically feasible

How could the future look like

  • A unified food platform for the end users when they think about food and cooking.
  • Adapt recipes for end users specific food needs, like allergies, vegetarian, food co2 footprint awareness, etc.
  • Automated import and conversion of any recipe to use with V-Zug Machines
  • Automated online shopping
  • Food Profiling
  • Food Journals
  • Nutritional Information and tracking



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