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Art on Paper Gallery

We develop a gallery app for browsing art works on paper. For the prototype we use a dataset sample delivered from the Collection Online of the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich. In our app the user can find the digital images of the prints and drawings, gets metadata information about the different techniques and other details. The app invites the user to browse from one art work to the other, following different paths such as the same technique, the same artist, the same subject and so on.


To use a Collection Online properly the user needs previous knowledge. Many people just love art and are interested but no experts.


Especially this group of people is invited to explore our large collection in an interactive journey.


  • The Art on Paper Gallery App enables the user to jump from one artwork to another in an associative way. It offers suggestions following different categories, such as the artist, technique, etc.
  • It allows social interaction with the possibility to like, share and comment an artwork
  • Artworks can be arranged according to relevance, number of clicks etc.
  • This again allows Collections or Museums to evaluate the user interests and trends


The code is available at the following link:

Example of a possible Design


  • Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich, Collection Online, sample dataset with focus on different techniques of printmaking and drawing


  • Dominik Štefančik, Software Engineer
  • Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich, Susanne Pollack, Ann-Kathrin Seyffer


23.11.2018 16:54 ~ oleg


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Contributed 5 years ago by oleg for #GLAMhack 2018

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