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Wikidata-based multilingual library search

Use the power of Wikidata to allow multilingual search in swiss library catalogs

Wikidata-based multilingual library search

In Switzerland each linguistic region is working with different authority files for authors and organizations, situation which brings difficulties for the end user when he is doing a search.

Goal: work on a innovative solution as the library landscape search platforms will change in next years. Possible solution: Multilingual Entity File which links to GND, BnF, ICCU Authority files and Wikidata to bring end user information about authors in the language he wants.

Already done

This project was started during the Swiss Open Cultural Hackathon 2018. Results and extensive description.

Possible next steps

  1. enrich wikidata with all identifier from the GND (German National Library)
  2. enrich wikidata with all identifier from the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)
  3. connect them based on VIAF (Virtual authority file)
  4. find an easy way to get the french label of an authority from the BNF
  5. ...

Feel free to contact us during the hackathon if you need help : lionel.walter@unibas.ch, 061 207 56 87, we will be happy to help you.

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