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Promotion of local agricultural consumption through a system that rewards consumers and points of sale


In order to encourage local consumption, especially in terms of agricultural products, imagine a platform or application, linked to POS systems (point of sells) of points of sale, that would distribute "good points" to customers who prefer local products.

These "local points", similar to "superpoints", would allow the consumer to benefit from discounts, reductions, advantages over other local products, in points of sale that are part of the network.

In concrete terms, each article has a source and each point of sale has a defined geolocation. If the consumer chooses an item within a radius (to be defined) close to the point of sale where it is located, he receives "local points".

Looking at the broad concept, it can therefore be applied "globally", since the local factor impacting is the proximity of manufacture or production of the product, with respect to the point of sale where it is purchased.


The first challenge for the system is to define a safe way to find the origin of each product. The EAN is a solution, since the barcode indicates the "supplier" of the product. But not all products, particularly ultra-regional agricultural products, necessarily have an EAN.

The second difficulty is the creation of an interface or integration between the "local points" system and the POS systems in place. Especially since some direct sales outlets (on the farm, for example) do not necessarily have a POS system.

The concept would of course have a mobile application and a website where all the actors of the network would be found, a user platform (point of sale and consumers) with in particular the cumulative points, and a communication platform to promote products, offers and points of sale.


The overall benefits: - Promote local purchasing - Promotion based on a consumption pattern and not a brand or store - Develop and maintain local shops and direct sales - Reduce environmental impact - Valuation of responsible purchasing

The benefits for the consumer: - Accumulation of "local points" and advantages in points of sale - Discovery of points of sale highlighting the local

Advantages for the point of sale - Promote your sales space and attract more customers through "local points" offers - Promote the sale of products from its own production - Increased interaction with producers and other regional sales outlets

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