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It must be possible to enter, confirm and transmit purchase data in the field to users.

The cheese buyer on site, i.e. in a cheese dairy, takes care of the cheeses. There can be several different types of cheeses. It must be able to indicate the number of pieces taken over, the purchase price determined by a purchase contract and possibly the weight and the retention of weight according to the progress of the refining process. The seller must be able to receive a confirmation of the sale. The buyer returning to the base will weigh the purchases that have not been made on site and assign a weight for the batch. The buyer must be able to recall his entry and complete it with the weight. He must be able to print a receipt that he can give to the seller when he next takes over. At regular intervals, the buyer must be able to export his purchases to a financial service so that credit notes can be drawn up.

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Contributed 5 years ago by Favre for Agricathon 2019


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