Almost half of the food waste here in Switzerland is caused by private households. This is around 500kg of food which could have been eaten instead. The impact on our environment needs to be reduced and that’s where our solution comes into place.

Foodshelf provides a solution to people who would like to reduce their food waste with minimal effort. Take a picture of an item you don't plan to eat before it's expiry date. It's that simple. Instead of throwing it away you'll post it on Foodshelf, making it available for people around you. And on the other hand if you are in need, you can just check out your neighborhood.

  • Where did this project stand prior to the Climathon?

Nowhere, we started with a blank file

  • Why do you think your project is relevant for the City of Zurich?

Zurich has a high population density, which is the foundation of a great community for Foodshelf. With this in mind be believe that a big amount of wasted food can be reduced by having an active neighborhood.

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How can citizens and households of Zurich be encouraged to buy and eat more climate-friendly food (less CO2 emissions) and to reduce food-waste?

Solutions should focus on the following:

  • Making use of existing product information about food so citizens can reduce carbon footprint when shopping
  • Avoiding food-waste in the households due to easy to use solutions

Questions about this challenge can be posted in the #FoodForClimate channel

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