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Email Management System

Develop a tool that recognizes email queries and stores them in the appropriate folder

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In tourism service a reliable and rapid email management system plays a crucial role. Countless queries are coming in daily and must be sorted in laborious work by their employees. In this challenge a tool that recognizes email queries and stores them in the appropriate folder or even answers automatically to the easiest or most repetitive ones should be developed.

In a tourism office innumerable emails are received daily. Most of the time even experienced employees have to decide if they want to answer the queries themselves or if they prefer to forward them. Even simple requests that can be answered automatically have to be processed. In order to structure the flood of messages, all emails are manually moved to the appropriate categories (folders in the inbox) according to their content. An automatic email triage could be a big relief for the employees. The emails are stored in subfolders created especially for different categories in the inbox. The tool should be able to automatically move incoming emails to the appropriate folders. It might even be useful to have it answer the simplest or most repetitive queries itself. For testing and training the application a dataset with content from over 5000 emails from tourism offices is provided.


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