• Many old heating systems do exist in the swiss markets in private households today.
  • Existing technology would allow more efficient consumption of heating energy and thus also lower CO2-Emissions and environmental impact.
  • Swiss population lives by 80% in rented houses, 20% in private houses, so either private homeowners or landlords letting apartments to renters would need to invest into new heating systems - which is not happening today at the speed desired.
  • One major reason is assumed to be the interest in investing this volume of money.


  • Investing in new Heating systems demand upfront investments that are not always available for the owners of heating systems.
  • By offering an interesting investment opportunity to a group of small scale investors, we aim to collect the money needed.
  • By using this money to finance the heating system, the person profiting from the heating systems functions will be able to rent the system and will not need money upfront.
  • Investors are able to participate in local energy projects and thus do local green investments in smaller scales they can afford (e.g. minimum 5’000CHF).

Where did this project stand before the Climathon?

  • We started the project from scratch.

Why is your project relevant for the city of Zurich?

  • Many old heating systems are not yet being replaced and thus use limited natural resources and produce higher CO2-Emissions than necessary
  • It will boost the awareness of efficient heating system as “sexy” ecological solution.

Event finished

29.10.2016 17:00

Event started

28.10.2016 15:30


How can the City of Zurich motivate homeowners and renters to save energy and implement renewable energy solutions in their homes and businesses?

Solutions should focus on the following:

  • Motivating homeowners to change to a climate-friendly heating system
  • Convincing homeowners to retrofit their buildings in an energy-efficient way
  • Creating new incentives for homeowners and renters to save heating energy and electricity

The priority focus of the solutions should lie in innovative business models and the removal of complexity in switching to climate-friendly sources of energy.

Data for this challenge has been posted in the #RenewableEnergy channel

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