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Raise awareness and support global climate goals

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Help meet the Paris Convention goals to achieve net 0 by 2050, less than 2 tonnes CO^2 per person! We want to raise awareness around energy use and consumption by putting Switzerland on the map at and put its open data API to use. (Challenge #11)

28.08.2020 15:04 First solution ideas have been explored and discussed. Beer has been deployed. 28.08.2020 23:00 Despite some hurdles we got everything ready for our idea but realised that it won't be accepted by electricity maps. 29.08.2020 11:00 Complete restart to a much simpler model that will hopefully be accepted by electricity maps and still be better a gray spot on tha map.

29.08.2020 13:40 Ideas are tested and documented. However, it's not running live.

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