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Save the Food

An app that keeps track of purchased and stored groceries, and then provides insight based on them.

  • Keep track of food that you purchased and have stored in your home.
  • Receive alerts about expiring foods.
  • Instead of throwing away food that you won't consume, share it with other users.
  • Discover recipes based on the food you have in your home and is close to expiration.
  • Keep track of your nutrient intakes.
  • Track your CO2 footprint based on your purchases.
  • Receive suggestions to replace certain products with environmental friendlier ones.

Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aYSmKxOMUP0eQS1ycH-8nuMEHW-KqwJgDbv_44Pn3vE/edit#slide=id.p4

Contributed 7 years ago by zenios_zeniou for Open Food Hackdays 2017

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