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Source Engine 1.0

Track the Source! Wherever a claim appears, we want to know who said it (and spread it) first.

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Rethink Journalism Hackathon - The Source Engine

Two possible leads:

The Source- Database for Journalists: Online articles are crawled and checked for links. These are then systematically fed into a database. In a second step, the platforms to which the links lead are scanned (scientific journals, other news sites (known - unknown), social media platforms (tweet, photo, video?). This would provide an interesting overview of sources. The concept is based on Manuel's interpretation of the Source Engine, as a primarily usable tool for journalists (in a first step). We create a database with sources and their environment, so to speak.

The Source Tracker for everyone (possibly also to keep an eye on journalists?): Here, the first appearance of a "claim" (information is too big a word because of Fake News) is registered on Twitter. Who first tweeted "The election was stolen!", or "The framework agreement has failed!"? Who used the trending hashtags first? Tracking back to the "source" gives us a clue to the person (or account) behind it: Who is she? What does she do? To which (political) group does she belong? This creates transparency and the possibility for dialogue.

The goal is to stop the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories not by censorship and paternalism, but by neutrality and additional information

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to talk to me.



Contributed 3 years ago by Nadine_A_1 for Rethink Journalism Hackathon


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