05_Digitalization in buildings - Empa NEST

Why is it relevant?

Although buildings account for almost half of Switzerland's total final energy consumption, digitalization in the building sector is not very advanced yet. At NEST, Empa's demonstrator, new technologies and algorithms are being developed and tested. For this purpose, NEST is monitored in detail by some 10'000 sensors.

The challenge

The aim of this challenge is to use the rich measurement data from the NEST to and thereby take an important step towards digitalization and energy efficiency.

Build up on the "Decarbonising Cities 2021" - Hackathon or bring in new ideas. Investigate with data in one-minute resolution how the energy consumption of a building is impacted and predict the building behavior based on ambient factors and/or the behavior of inhabitants.

Example questions can be: Which measurement patterns lead to an increased energy consumption? What user behavior leads to an abnormal energy consumption? And, what is an abnormal energy consumption in the first place? Or simply, which of the 10'000 sensors does a regular building actually need in order to operate sustainably?

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