08_Open Market Place for Smart Meter AI

Target & Task:

  • Create a basic AI marketplace for models based on smart meter data
  • Enable utility access to pre-trained models for smart meter data analytics
  • Build on the business applications developed in the OpenData hackathons
  • Prove how models and smart meter data can be connected to business applications while maintaining consumer privacy
  • Align with the ambition of the Swiss DataHub – market could become a ‘module’, or complement the development of the DataHub through research, or show alternative approach
  • Combine existing open access components to minimise costs This market should allow algorithm provider to make their models available to data owners to test. Specifically, data owners can maintain greater data privacy because the market eliminates the need for data owners to upload their data to the cloud or to a third party.

Why is it necessary:

The Trusted Analytics Market provides a data privacy layer and a first of its kind AI algorithm marketplace to bring code to the data. Data is never transferred between parties. The Trusted Analytics Market unlocks the potential for smart meter data analysis, yielding multiple benefits (operating efficiencies, energy savings, revenue protection, and capacity savings)

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Energy Data Hackdays 2021