Challenge Project

11_Pre Qualification Test

deriving a representive frequency profile, with which TSO can certfy the providers for the FCR service.

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  • Analysis of historical data (frequency deviation measurements for FCR, control signal sent by Swissgrid for aFRR) to derive patterns in the data (e.g., using Machine Learning techniques, such as clustering)
  • Identify the most prominent patterns in the data and collect them into a set of representative signal extracts
  • Combine the signal extracts into an overall signal that is representative enough of various scenarios, for example, base-case signal, worst-case signal with regards to power capacity, worst-case signal with regards to energy capacity, worst-case signal with regards to ramping power, etc.
  • Determine the list of tests to be included in the new prequalification test, making use of the signal extracts among other things

Note: signing a legal agreement with Swissgrid is required to access some of this data.

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deriving criteria to label the data based on such a criteria

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on the analysis (steady state and dynamic) and planning (operational and investment) of electrical networks

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