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14_ Trend scouting for the energy industry

Identifying trends in the energy industry with the help of modern AI- and statistics-based information and text analysis methods

What is it about?

In 2018, the University of St.Gallen, in collaboration with Swisspower Innovation and other practical partners, identified the megatrends relevant to the energy industry on the basis of various workshops.

The Challenge:

As part of the Challenge, the trends already found will be verified or new trends identified with the help of modern AI- and statistics-based information and text analysis methods.


For this purpose, programs and presentations of selected conferences from the energy sector of the past 5 years will be made available. Other relevant, publicly available data sources could be job boards (jobs.ch), startup monitors (Swiss Environment and Energy Innovation Monitor) and annual reports of energy utilities.

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Contributed 2 years ago by Maud for Energy Data Hackdays 2021
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